Eric Francis Harnden

Post Production Support

BET Awards 2015 (TV)

BET Awards 2015 International Show(TV)

The BET Experience: Top 10 Moments from the BET Awards Weekend (2015) (TV)

Intern Editor

Moviola Education(2013-2014)

Misc. Editing

That Post Show, NAB Coverage (2013)

Video podcast interview of Dan Lebental

Pandemic Unleashed

Various Videos - Concerts and BTS

The Marionette Combo (2012)

"It Hurts Your Daddy Bad"

Golden Years RC Museum (2012)

Romulus von Stezelberger Interview

The Big Bang Halfway (2011)

Terra Obscura Preview

DV8 (2011)

Reunion Concert DVD

Jake Forgotten (2011)

Assistant Editor

Invisible Art/Visible Artists (2010)(Documentary)

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